Windy day on the Grands Montets

January 31st, 2013

I can’t remember a day when I’ve been up at the Grands Montets when it was as windy as today. I’m not saying it hasn’t been..

Instructor’s priority (you gotta love it!) got us two trips round in the morning on the top bin. The first was interesting as for the first time ever I was stuck in a cable car. Cabin 4 stopped when the cables crossed and we sat for 45 minutes as the liftie sorted it all out.

I’ll tell you, as a liftie, it’s not just all about sitting and eating doughnuts on the ride up and down, he really earned his money. Getting the hydraulic brakes off was more of a problem than we expected and his knuckles were shredded and bloody after pumping up to 200 bars of pressure on the tank under his seat.

Snow, a shade slabby on the Pointe de Vue side, so on the second trip round we tried Pylone.

Faaaast, smooth, wind groomed snow. Lovely stuff needing big skis to ride it well. I’ve rarely seen some of the bumps off the Hearse so smoothed with good snow either.

High lifts closed early due to wind, but who cared, it’d been a cracker 🙂

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