The new GS ski radius and World Cup Sölden

October 31st, 2012

The GS ski radius used to be 21 metres. That, to lesser skiers, already resulted in a ski that didn’t turn very much! The ski arcs were worked, and the end result was a graceful carving line down the race course. FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski) have now raised the radius to 35 metres for men and 30 metres for women (that’s enormous bearing in mind I have a pair of Super G skis at 33 metres!). The minimum ski length is now 195cm for men and 188cms respectively.

Some racers have been vocal about the changes. It’s even been in the papers in Thailand!

Now after the first race of the season in Sölden, Ted Ligety (one of the most vocal against the new ski rule) won by over 2 seconds – largest margin in 30 years.

FIS GS Results Sölden

Will this trend pass down to the recreational skier? I seriously doubt it. The skis we have nowadays are far too much fun to backtrack!

Check out the two videos of Ligety in Sölden slow motion 35 metre and on last year’s rules and try to spot the difference.

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