December 31st, 2011

Such an uncertain start to the winter with only a few days of snow to lay down a base, the result at the end of the Christmas holidays is more snow than the whole of last winter rolled together! Check out the latest lift status and snow conditions in Chamonix

Things have been on hold in most of the ski areas this week due to excess snow. Les Houches has therefore been profiting in increased numbers keeping someone happy, somewhere!

Maybe it’s a bit late for those who have been skiing during the Christmas break, but how many people know that the ski-way code even exists? A little bit of common sense could help avoid the classic collision – and all the heart ache of repatriation that goes with it. From a teaching point of view, it makes common sense to draw attention to safety.

Stopping over blind rises, sitting in the middle of the slope, starting off without looking up the hill first and one that seems to be a popular one, joining/jumping onto a piste without looking up the slope first.

Let common sense prevail. Check out Rules for Conduct

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