Telemark Ski Lessons

Telemark Ski Lessons Chamonix

For some, the new cool, but telemarking is the original way of skiing brought back into fashion in the states in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Whether a beginner, alpine skier crossing over to tele, or a more advanced skier, we can provide help you improve and get greater enjoyment out of your telemarking.

Many people are put off  thinking that you have to have thighs of steel, but that’s not entirely true. Many skiers try to have their stance too long, therefore the ‘lunge’ is too great, there’s not enough weight on the back leg and it becomes and tiring.


3 Hour Private Telemark Lesson

  • Mornings or Afternoons | 9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4pm

All Day Private Telemark Lesson

  • All Day | 9am - 4pm