Pre-Season Equipment Check

November 16th, 2011

So, the snow should be here by now, (there isn’t) we’re just waiting and getting ready for the season in store. During the pre season wait, it’s worth checking over your equipment before departure day. People wait until they arrive in resort to get their skis checked over – why not do it now, saving time during your stay, and making your holiday less stressful?

Not everyone owns all their own equipment and there are the obvious bits to check, but also some things that could be overlooked.

The first and most obvious are the skis and bindings. Have a quick look to see if the bases are gouged, needing to be filled. These holes can easily be repaired in a shop, and it shouldn’t be too expensive. On the base of the skis are the edges which are super important on those icy days. There should be no burrs, (you can feel these if you gently run your fingers along), but a quick ‘tickle-up’ with a file should suffice in order to get them back to a decent sharpness. Get the bases waxed too whilst you’re there, the skis will glide better on the snow.

Check the housing of the bindings too – are there any cracks anywhere? These are a fairly important part of attaching your foot to the ski so it’s well worth the time checking. What about the bindings releasing the boot? If in doubt, take them into a ski shop.

Poles are often overlooked – check the baskets to see if they’re broken. You don’t want the pole to disappear into the snow! Also the straps should be solid so you can use them during the pole plants. Bends in the shaft of the pole could lead to them breaking during skiing.

Ski boots have been known to age, although I’m told that newer plastics are less likely to become fragile. Cracked boots shells should be an obvious sign of ‘it’s time to buy some new ones’. If it’s not replacement time, scan your eyes over the the toe and heel pieces of the soles, these shouldn’t be too worn but if they are, and are replaceable, get them ordered from your local shop as this can affect the release of the boot as a result of a fall.

It’s certainly worth 5 minutes of pulling the hardware out of the loft to check it over with time enough to get things sorted out if necessary, but don’t overlook the lens of the goggles and your clothing too!

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