Skier Levels

To make the most of the experience we run courses at three levels so that skiers of a similar standard can progress together. Please do have a look below to work out what level you are currently skiing at. If you aren’t sure or just want to find out more about the experience please feel free to email, tweet or call us.

Your general choice of run depends on snow conditions as well as your own ability. On blue and red runs you can ski parallel turns. You know how to edge and skid your skis, and most of the time you can control your speed. You are prepared to ski with a little speed, and may be tempted to ski black runs “on a good day.” You hope to progress to steeper pistes, start off-piste descents and runs with bumps.

You have conquered the criteria of the intermediate level, and most of the time you are happy on all trails, including steep black ones. You can vary the size and speed of your turns, ski the more open trails with speed, and manage medium bumps in control. You have now started to ski off-piste. You aspire to learn more advanced techniques, both on- and off-piste, to handle steeper slopes, varied snow conditions and greater exposure.

By now the mountain is really becoming your playground. You are starting to search out the steeper gullies, bigger bumps and more difficult terrain and you are happy skiing quickly. Confidence is not lacking and you enjoy the challenges thrown at you. By now you’re also taking an interest in the snow pack and are interested to learn a bit more. Every day is a “good day”!

Private Lessons as an alternative

Quite a few of our clients do ski with us on private clinics. This might be because they want to work on something specific or that they are a group made up of family or friends or it might be just that the dates we have don’t work for them. If you don’t see what you want on these and lessons pages please do get in touch and we’ll see if we can provide something tailored for you.