Perfect weather for skiing in Tignes

November 15th, 2012

Perfect weather for skiing in Tignes

A quick trip to Tignes for the first runs of the winter over there. It wasn’t cold, so we can’t really call it winter, but excellent snow, real hero stuff! No queues, and it was possible to ski all the way down to Val Claret without hitting any rocks. Usually this is in bad nick this early on, but not now.

There’s not enough snow to cross off-piste, though, and a scratch or two and a big hole in the bases of (luckily) last year’s skis appeared from a 100 metre jaunt into the soft stuff.

FIS were running a downhill from the top of the glacier. You can see the results here. Just have a look at the ages of them – makes me feel old!

Sorry for the shaky video..

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