July 6th, 2013

Quiet times on the blogging front since the winter but summer work has come hard and fast, not letting up.

As we all know, the winter was fairly special, powder day after powder day. We were on K2 skis for the first season using the Coombacks in 188cms which were a great all-rounder. Having been on full rockers for the previous three seasons, I’d take these (with K2’s ‘all terrain rocker) over the full rockers any day. More snow means fewer rocks sticking out to hit but I still managed to rip the edge out of the ski, expertly repaired by Davide at Sanglard Sports.

Unfortunately , The Kitsch Inn in Les Houches burned down to the ground a couple of weeks ago. Other than it being the best bar to drink in in ‘The Hooches’, it also affects the Tour du Mont Blanc trail as quite a few people used the Bellevue cable-car to miss out a laborious slog up. This is because the heat from the fire seriously damaged the cables leaving the only option to replace them – of courses, not something that can be done overnight.

So, this should leave us with only one more winter of the old chair out of the car park at Les Grand Montets  before its replacement. That in itself is good news……

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