Getting close now

October 19th, 2013

The first snow’s been and gone in the valley, leaving the hills white on the north faces. A few went up the Midi for a slide about – but the walk back out is non too interesting for me! That was last weekend and this working week ended with T-shirt weather during the day. For all the twitter hashtaggers out there, #winteriscoming – yep, it’ll get here soon enough.

#getreadyforskiing 😉
Forget the Olympic lifting you might read about. What’s more important is knee and spine strength well mixed with balance. The difference with the ability to react to bumps and trees is amazing when you’ve got the balance. If you’re thinking it’s rubbish, look at most major sportsmen nowadays, they’re all on balance balls – racing drivers included.

Another year on K2 skis with Marker bindings. Last season the Coombacks were a great ‘one pair in the quiver’ ski. Loved them, same ski, different graphics.

Roll on winter…

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