First weekend skiing of the Season

November 8th, 2012

Verbier Opens for the Season

So, the second weekend of the winter 2012/13 is coming up in Verbier. Lots of people are out and about trying out new gear, new clothes and even new tricks. Some more snow’s forecast for us all to enjoy ourselves in, but, go easy, for gawd’s sake – let’s think about some ski season safety. Last Saturday, on the second run of the season, a friend collided with a snowboarder seated just below the crest of hill. Of course the boarder was facing downhill too.

Brilliant – both of them got up and slid away, but the snowboarder was spotted seated at the side of piste soon after looking a shade ropey, whilst the skier’s injury was a broken collar bone. ‘Luckily’, this will be healed in time for the ‘real’ season kick-off in a few weeks, but never-the-less something that could easily have been avoided.

Before anyone says that I’m only having a go at snowboarders, I’m not, but now’s a good time to have a reminder of the FIS Skiway code. Let’s face it, most helmeted ‘yoof’ (it’s not always only them either) will have forgotten it all by the time they come over on holiday, and if Bradley Wiggins can get get knocked off his bike anything can happen……

Meanwhile, here in Chamonix, the annual pilgrimage of skinning up Le Tour has started with the lastest dump of snow. Check out the webcams here.

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