Bad weather skiing.

Yep, it happens to us all, a bad weather day during skiing. What do you do? Ski, mope or play Monopoly? 

Having been brought up with Scottish skiing, most weather conditions aren’t an issue but watching others ski, it’s obvious others didn’t like it. Good technique helps with making things easier. A rounded turn, early edge and getting the ski to punch through the snow rather than slide sideways, is more comfortable – even when you can’t  see.


….or so they are calling it.

We’ve had nearly a metre at valley floor level in the last 48 hours, so things are looking good for the next week at least! A great day yesterday at Les Houches with shin deep snow on piste!

Keep safe and have a look at this regarding the snow pack

Big Dump in Chamonix

A big snowfall this morning meant that even the digger drivers were happy clearing driveways.
Delayed start at the lift but the snow was light and still churning out good runs at the end of the day.
Watch out as the rocks are only just covered and could cause some serious damage to your beloved skis.


Ski Men of the Rental Shop

Oh the knowledgable ski rental chappies! Trying to ski all mountain is so much easier with a ski wider than 90 mms. It makes the smearing aspect of the turn so much easier.
You have a reversing beeper in your car to make it easier, so why not wider skis?
How come they only listen to the marketing of the ski industry, not what works out in the field?

90mms or bust…

Holiday period over

Everyone knows that there’s been a slow start to the European winter. Maybe even more precisely an Eastern Alps “issue”. As the holiday period started, a small snowfall fell, opening up many of the higher resorts. The last time I posted was after a trip to Tignes and it wasn’t possible then to ski back down to the town of Le Lac. They profited and other resorts stayed closed for the Christmas week. In Chamonix, we’re relatively lucky having the mecca of the Grands Montets – North  facing and starting at 1972m on our doorstep!

The big snow arrives in Le Tour Snowed in in only a few hours

The next morning the busiest week of the season starts and at Les Houches it was……NUTS to get tickets as no-one had pre-booked due to lack of snow.Lift ticket queue at Les Houches


So, the hols are over, normality reigns and Powderama’s not driving all over the alps searching for snow. A total of 1300kms driven, 6 visits to Verbier, twice to Coumrayeur and 3 times to St Gervais. Not bad for being based in Chamonix 😉